Blank Timer Screen

Figure 1

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Quick Start

Short summary of the steps used to time a game or match

  1. Start with a blank Shot Timer screen like figure 1, right.
    Clear any existing data, if present, by first tapping [Clear] (scroll down if necessary) and then tap [Yes] on the confirmatory screen.
  2. Touch a Name field [.....] and then type in the player’s name on the following screens.
    Return to the main Timer screen by tapping [Back] or [Ok].
  3. Repeat step 2 for the opponent’s name, i.e., you first add one player, then the other.
  4. Begin timing a player’s shots by tapping one of the two red [Balls stop] buttons. You will first do this when all ball motion stops after the opening break shot. You choose the [Balls stop] button that is in the same column as the player who will shoot next.
  5. When the active player’s cue tip strikes the cue ball, tap the green [Stroke] button.
    (The active player is the one whose timer is running.)
    Though there are two [Balls stop] buttons, one in each player’s column, please note that the one [Stroke] button is used for both players.
  6. Be prepared to tap the proper [Balls stop] button when all ball motion ceases.
    If the active player keeps control of the table, tap the [Balls stop] under his/her name. Otherwise, if he/she misses or fouls, tap the [Balls stop] under the opponent’s name.
  7. For ball in hand situations, tap [Balls stop] only after the incoming player has possession of the cue ball and all spotting or racking activity is completed.
  8. Repeat steps 5 and 6 as needed until the game is over.
  9. For breaks in the game while a player’s timer is running, tap the Mini-timer’s bars▐▐ to pause. When play resumes, tap the Mini-timer’s arrow ▶ to resume timing that shot
    For other breaks in the action, when neither timer is running, no action is needed.
  10. After the last stroke is made, winning or losing, tap the [End of Game] button beneath the timed entries. You may need to scroll the screen down to find this button.
  11. If a game’s end is also the end of the match, tap the [End of Match] button instead of the [End of Game] button. Again, you may need to scroll down to find this button.


  1. If you record a timed shot in the wrong player’s column, slide it to the other column in one fluid motion and then tap [Yes] on the confirmatory screen. You may do this at any time during or after the game or match, except while still timing that shot.
  2. If you timed a shot incorrectly, press-and-hold the screen over that entry and then choose [Edit value] on the next screen. Make the correction and then tap [Back].
  3. If any timed entry just needs to be deleted, tap the [⊗] button beside it and then tap [Yes] on the confirmatory screen.

Be aware that using PoolTimer does take practice but…
with a little persistence you will soon become an expert!